Ethopia Online | NFT Chest Sale — Announcement

Here you will find all the information about the upcoming whitelist pre-sale and the public sale, for the Play-To-Earn MMORPG Ethopia Online.

When you visit the Ethopia Online website you will find a countdown. As soon as the countdown timer reaches zero (0), the mint button will appear. Once you click on this, a meta mask pop-up will appear to complete the mint.

— The pre-sale is set to take place on May 28, 2022.
Starting at 12:00 PM — (CEST)
The WL price for one EO chest is 0.05 ETH

— The public sale will happen on May 29, 30 & 31, 2022.
Starting at 12:30 PM — (CEST)
The Public price for one EO chest is 0.06 ETH

The Ethopia Online Chests can only be minted on HERE

SALE SUPPLY From the 3333 chests in total, only 3300 chests can be minted during the pre-sale. 33 chests have been removed from the original sales stock and will not be for sale. The team will use these for giveaways, airdrops and partnership activities.

EO CHEST NFTs Each EO chest represents one (1) digital real-estate house, associated tier / attributes / rarities, and one (1) Ethopian Citizen Passport. For every chest you will receive two (2) NFTs.

WHITELISTED PRE-SALE The members who submitted their Ethereum address on the whitelisted page will be eligible to join the whitelisted pre-sale mint event. We reserved 2500 chests for our early supporters, whitelisted addresses can mint up to 5 EO chests per address during the whitelisted pre-sale.

The Whitelisted pre-sale will last 24 hours. EO Chest price: 0.05 ETH

After the whitelisted pre-sale we will update our smart contract and activate the reveal of the houses. When you bought a chest during the pre-sale you can refresh the meta data on OpenSea in order to see what house you received.

PUBLIC SALE During the public sale, the remaining supply of 800 chests + the unsold supply from the whitelisted pre-sale will be available to mint. After minting an EO chest on our website, you will immediately see what house you bought. During the public sale, 10 EO chests can be minted per transaction.

The public sale will last a maximum three days. EO Chest price: 0.06 ETH

DISTRIBUTION After purchasing a chest during the mint period, you will receive not 1 but 2 NFT assets. The two NFTs (houses and citizen passports) are hidden in a blind box (the EO chest) which can only be minted directly on our website. The chests are freely to trade on secondary markets directly after you minted them. The algorithm in our smart contract ensures that the houses and mint numbers of the houses and passports are randomly assigned to the buyers. After the pre-sale our team will update the smart contract to reveal which house you got, and we will send the Ethopian citizen passport as an extra NFT when the public sale has ended. For each chest, you receive one passport.

GUILDS A total of 333 guilds can be started within the world of Ethopia. To start a guild, you must have 10 or more houses. As soon as you have 10 houses you can mint a guild building with an associated island for free (gas fee only) Each guild receives one of the small islands that surround the mainland.




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